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This English Test consists of 55 multiple – choice questions. We suggest you allow 30 min. to complete the test.

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Risultati :

  • 0 – 10       level A1                  Preliminary
  • 11 – 20      level A1/A2           Elementary
  • 21 – 29      level A2                 Elementary
  • 30 – 39     level B1                  Intermediate
  • 40 – 50     level B1/B2           Advanced
  • 51 – 55      level B2/C1           AcCept proficiency
Nome - Cognome - Età
1. An Entrepeneur is:
2. Franchisees:
3. What ISN’T an advantage in multinational?
4. What IS an advantage in a cooperative?
5. What ‘s of these methods of payment is used when there is a good relationship between the Company and the Customer:
6. Which of the following is not used in market segmentation?
7. The Human Resources Manager:
8. Telephone banking means:
9. The Marketing Manager:
10. What ‘s of these methods of payment is used when the importers pays for goods when he places the order:
11. Why are the buyers prepared to pay more for branded goods?
12. The Purchaising Manager:
13. Talking about e-mails the message includes:
14. Globalisation has had her major effects
15. What has been the most important revolution in Commerce
16. The fours Ps are

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